People are messy. We can help with that. Human beings stubbornly refuse to behave in ways that are convenient for marketers. We all make decisions based on what “feels right”, despite being presented with scads of facts about what “should be right”. To be truly effective, marketing must connect with the “feels right”, emotional, intuitive parts of peoples’ brains, then immediately pay off in the “should be right”, rational, analytical parts. And that’s where we come in.

Drumcircle discovers what “right” feels like, and then helps marketers nail that at every point of contact. We have new tools and techniques to discover the real, hidden reasons people make decisions about your category, brand or product (we call these reasons Emotivations™ – or the emotions that motivate decisions). We have the skills to turn these insights into:

  • New products and services that have a better chance of succeeding (because we’ve found real Emotivational White Space to innovate into)
  • Existing products that breathe life anew (because, for example, we’ve found an Emotivational Audience Segment that isn’t being served)
  • Messages that are more likely to provoke action (because they’re meticulously designed to connect first with the “feels right” part of peoples’ brains)
  • Internal teams that are aligned and psyched up (because they’ve got fresh, exciting Emotivational Insights to rally around).

To learn more about how Drumcircle can help you discover, create and articulate The Heartbeat of The Brand, read on, call us at 617 395 1636, or contact us and we’ll get in touch with you immediately.